Stray Dog Menace and Kerala

I am a vegetarian and a Keralite. Yes, the previous sentence is not an example explaining an oxymoron. There is a small breed of vegetarians trying to thrive in the harsh conditions offered to us by the coastal state. People arch their eyebrows in surprise when they find vegetarian Malayalees and this is because we are very few in numbers. Many a times when I come home to Kerala, my mom has to prepare something special for me because I am the only vegetarian around. In a New Year party, I had to settle for fried rice, pickle and chutney because they did not know that there was a vegetarian attending the party. When I stayed in a hostel in Kerala, I was provided with just a coconut ‘chammandi’ on those special days when chicken or fish was served. Fights were common among hostel inmates for the exceptional chicken leg piece. Also, ‘Porota’ and beef curry has become the staple diet of Malayalees for quite some time now. Now, let me get to the point. When everyone is eating all kinds of meat, when a vegetarian finds it tough to get nice dishes in parties, why is it that people are up in arms when it comes to killing stray dogs? Why is it that we grade animals and their killing? It is ok to kill a spider that might bite us but it is not ok to kill a stray dog that might bite us too. If it is ok to kill and eat, then it might be ok to kill and export the meat to those places where they eat dog’s meat. Is it or is it not? If people are really touchy about killing animals why can’t I find more Malayalee vegetarians?   I am not saying that being a vegetarian is good or bad but all I am saying is that I don’t get the logic of being sentimental about stray dogs when we relish eating the meat of many other animals.


Delhi after Sunset – Explore the Exciting Delhi Nightlife

Delhi, the capital city of India, is a very vibrant city known for not only its cultural heritages but also for the contemporary life style of fashion and fun. Nightlife in Delhi may not have the vigour and style as in many other South Asian countries like Thailand. But however, as you explore the city, you find a buzzing nightlife in Delhi offering you a lot of fun and frolic.


Nightlife in Delhi include going to pubs, clubs, bars, live shows, theatre etc. You can find many youth, tourists and people from varied walks of life enjoying and exploring what the city offers in the night.


You will normally find the best of bars and clubs in Delhi’s big luxurious hotels. They boast of good dance floors, DJs and high profile customers.  In and around Connaught place, you can find quite a few bars. South Delhi is better known for its bars and pubs than the other parts of Delhi. Some of the most famous pubs in Delhi include Q’BA in Connaught place, F-Bar in Chanakyapuri, and Agni in Connaught place. The pink Room in Hauz Khaz is a pub designed especially for ladies. @Live is a bar known for its live music. Haze is an inexpensive jazz bar which you may like to check out. Boogaloo near Green Park also offers live music. Most of the pubs in Delhi close by 1 p.m.


Sound and light show at the red fort is another event that you can catch up. It starts at 7.30 p.m in the months of the months of November to January. The timing of the show varies depending on the months and hence it is better to check up once, before you go for the show. Light shows also take place at India Gate and various other locations frequently.


India international Centre, Sangeet Natak Academy, Abhimanch auditorium, Triveni kala Sangam, India Habitat Centre etc offer live music, dance and theatre performances.


Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, a one hour travel from Delhi offers live shows showcasing the culture of India. It has various theatrical performances happening at fixed timings every day. It also boasts of a cafe themed on Bollywood.


Some of the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while exploring Delhi night life are highlighted here. It is important to apply a mosquito repellent if you are planning to go to open air events in the night. Moreover, Delhi is not considered a safe location for girls, especially in the night. So it is always better to be on guard and may be carry a pepper spray when you travel in the night. The best way to travel in Delhi is by using the Delhi metro. It is fast, cheap and safe. However metro stations close by 11p.m. Auto rickshaw drivers may try and loot you by charging exorbitant prices. Cabs are a good option. The best time to visit Delhi is from February to April and from September to November.


Delhi, an exciting city for the young and the old has every ingredient to please all kinds of people. The nightlife here is surely a thing to explore when you plan your trip to Delhi.